THE MYTH: You Should Avoid Fruit Because It’s High In Sugar


We know that you know sugar is best kept to a minimum. A Swedish study that found that women who drink a soft drink or fruit juice every day double their risk of developing type-2 diabetes is among the highlights of the freakshake-thick dossier f evidence against the sweet stuff. But there’s been some serious collateral damage in the public health war against sugar: whole fruit. ‘Look at molecules of sugar under a microscope and they’ll have the same chemical structure whether in a sweet potato or a chocolate bar,’ says nutritionist and The Rooted Project co-founder Rosie Saunt. ‘But sugar in fruit is absorbed differently by your body because it’s a whole food.’ This means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels. Intrigued? You’d also be a fool to lose out on fruit’s micronutrient bonuses – such as banana’s bloat-beating potassium because of its sugar content. The type to be mindful of are ‘free’ sugars – basically any that don’t come from whole fruit and veg or dairy.


Don’t get hung up on the sugar content of berries and bananas, or natural sugars in other whole foods, such as vegetables, milk, yogurt, and cheese. Just keep the likes of fruit juice, table sugar, honey, syrup, and agave to sub- 30g daily servings.



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