THE MYTH: You Need to Have Protein Within 45 Minutes of Doing A Workout


‘The idea that you could build muscle faster this way came from research in the early 00s, which showed that muscle protein synthesis the mechanism by which you build mass – was stimulated by consuming whey protein within an hour of finishing a workout,’ says registered sports dietitian Rick Miller. ‘But the benefits scientists found were so small that they’d be barely noticeable over a 10-year period.’ Consuming protein at any point after a workout will be helpful, adds Miller. ‘Following a tough session, the rate of protein synthesis will remain raised for 24 hours. During that time, your body will be sensitised to any protein you consume and will automatically build muscle.’ Boom.


Eat enough protein at intervals throughout the day – almonds, protein bars and hard- boiled eggs make great mid-afternoon snacks. If you’re trying to build muscle, aim for 1.6g to 2g protein per kilo of body weight every day.

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