How to Keep Avocado Fresh After Cut

Our favourite bit of buttery green goodness is a fickle friend. One week there are simply bags of them and a few days later it seems a single avocado costs more than your daughter’s wedding. So before you head out to join Avocados Anonymous, check out our top tips to keep avocado fresh .

Plan ahead and freeze them when plentiful. While frozen avocados aren’t suitable for slicing, they can be mashed, added to a smoothie or smooshed onto a bagel.

Freeze your peeled avocado halves in a resealable bag. Give them a good dousing in lemon juice first, or run them under the cold tap to reduce oxidation (browning). Or take it to the next level and freeze your avocado as a purée or guacamole (it’s better if you don’t include tomatoes). Freeze in small, easy-to-use portions.

If the vibrancy is what you are missing, then a creamy pesto is a great alternative. Packed with flavour and antioxidants, it’s nourishing as well as tasty and the parmesan and nuts will provide richness, helping you to forget what you are missing.

Edamame beans, blended with ricotta, parmesan and a hint of lemon provides the protein-packed punch of your smashed avocado on toast – and it’s even the same colour!

Broccoli, peas and asparagus can all be blended into a tasty hummus for a creamy green spread, which will satisfy your cravings without blowing your budget.

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