I have tested each myself and they worked like magic…

If you’re ready to start burning fat and lose weight quickly, you’ll find these three tips very useful.


Drink Water Half an Hour Before Meals

Do you want to boost your metabolism and lose weight fast?

The most effortless tip is to drink a glass of water half an hour before your next meal.

Yes! That’s it.

New research shows drinking water before a meal can boost your metabolism by 24 to 30 % over 1-1.5 hours. This little boost helps you burn off a few extra calories and shed off pounds.

It’s a simple weight loss trick that doesn’t require exercise or dieting.

And it helps you stay hydrated throughout the day as many of us don’t drink enough water, to begin with.


Skip Breakfast / Start Your Day with a Fast

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to cut calories and lose weight.

This short-term fasting method is often mistaken as a diet but it’s really not. It’s an eating pattern that often results in skipping a meal, often breakfast.

When you skip breakfast, it helps you reduce your calorie intake, which causes you to lose weight.

It’s a known fact that to lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories you take in daily.

Conversely, you gain weight if you take in more calories than you burn.

Per the research, when people skip breakfast, they eat fewer calories throughout the day.

To add to fast weight loss, fasting also helps optimize many hormones related to fat loss.


Exercise First Thing Every Morning

New research shows that exercise done on an empty stomach leads to more fat burn and greater weight loss.

And there is no better time to take advantage of this than before breakfast.

A morning workout is a great way to maximize fat burn and weight loss. And doing it in the morning on an empty stomach will increase your fat burn by 20 % .

You’ll also get your day off to a great start and feel more energized and ready to tackle anything. And trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t have a morning go-to workout? Not to worry.

How about trying this morning workout next?

Take-Home Message

There’s no need to starve yourself or eat tasteless foods to lose weight. You also don’t need and shouldn’t have to resort to diet pills or weight loss supplements.

There are far better and healthier ways to lose weight and up your fat loss. These simple tips prove that weight loss is simple and can be as effortless as acquiring a few small habits.

If you’ve been struggling to drop pounds, start with these simple yet powerful tips to lose weight.